Introducing Myself….

Here is someone who  loves to talk, loves to take pictures, loves to be in photographs, loves to tell people all that I am doing , where I go , what I see and so this Blog is a humble try to celebrate my life with you. I have been very consistent and regular on social media … but now I am hoping I will be on this Blog more regularly.


So, here’s my story…

I am settled in Canada now, but originally from India. I am an International Art of  Living Teacher and I have been conducting Art of Living workshops. It is this responsibility that allows me to understand the dynamics of the community very insight-fully. I think I am a deeply philanthropic person who is engaged in different roles in the community.

I am the proud founder of a non-profit organization WINGS (Women’s Initiatives to Nurture, Grow & Support) … and why do I say proud? Because WINGS is a chunk of my life now and a dream come true experience of this lifetime…..

Having worked in my prior role as a Job Developer for women who have experienced domestic violence or been through turbulent relationships, I started responding differently to “women” in general. I soon assumed the role of inspiring them to be articulate, work on and achieve their own goals using creativity, enthusiasm, out-of-the-box thinking and dynamic leadership. I recognized the great contentment in encouraging these women to excel, define and reach their goals by working through their barriers in a systemic way. A new immigrant myself, I knew their hurdles and I so wanted to be a pillar of strength to other immigrant women.

In my present professional role I am  a Placement Advisor in Humber Business School, and my mission here is to help students recognize and reach their highest potential.

In my role in  WINGS (Women’s Initiatives to Nurture, Grow & Support) of Canada, I sit in the Board of Directors, and I am so excited excited to merge my passion with a vision, to create empowering events for women in Toronto.

It all started In September 2012 when I  hosted “WE: Women Empowerment” event which received much acclaim from all the participants. Being encouraged I took a step ahead, in 2013, for International Women’s Day I dared to organize “Celebrating Womanhood” event. That evening saw four women heroes of the community being honored, along with 3 motivational speakers and a host of women attendees.

And  that is where WINGS started.

In March 2018 WINGS celebrated a Women’s Expo that showcased 80 women entrepreneurs who showcased their home-based business.

I want to use blogging to connect to other women and grow as a human being in my journey. I have learned that mentors are invaluable in my own life, and that mentoring others has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have found. I love to see how women can promote each other and acknowledge one another, regardless of age or cultural differences. I also believe that of the many ways we can support other women in our lives every day, is through social media.

To add on, I love to travel, have fun with my girlfriends, teach, sing, smile and serve, and I strive to to put the smile back on every face that I meet.


Once again Welcome To My Blog!! Thank you for being here….

6 thoughts on “Introducing Myself….

  1. So glad to be part of your life journey and being able to read and experience all your experiences through your expressions
    Want to and hope to part of this journey of life.
    Keep writing and keep inspiring ❤️


  2. Beautifully captured pictures of your gorgeous garden, the fruit of your time and labour awarded as a blessing from mother nature


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